A comprehensive platform for Image Recognition

Coach enables small teams to train and leverage custom Image Recognition models in their apps and workflows with no ML experience.

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Lightning fast

Models are trained on NVIDIA® V100 Tensor Core GPUs, and can be run in the Cloud, or in real-time, on device.

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Developer Friendly

No ML experience needed, bring your data and let us handle the rest! Run your models with easy-to-use API's.

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Client SDK's

To be able to easily use your models, we provide SDK's for Python, .NET, and Unity, with more to come soon.

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Developer support

We work directly with developers to ensure a positive experience and collect valuable feedback.

Built for production.

Machine Learning has historically been out of reach for most software teams. It's difficult, learning resources and infrastructure are lacking, talent is hard to find, and it's often just impractical for most teams.

⚡ Coach makes it simple and fast ⚡

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Additional Features

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On the Edge

Run your models in real-time, on-device, with no internet connection required.
No restrictive minimum device requirements.

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Training Options

Your models can be based off of a variety of bases. Giving you the flexibility of deciding the size versus accuracy of your model.

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Model Hosting

As well as running on-device, models can be hosted in the cloud and called via our RESTful API.

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Platform agnostic

Fits into almost any development environment with our numerous easy to use client-side SDK's.

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Built for scale

Take advantage of our newest innovations in Machine Learning, as our technology improves, your models can become faster, more accurate, and smaller.

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End-to-end tooling

We provide everything in-between you need to successfully train and use your model, from data collection tools, evaluation utilities and data guidelines, we have it covered.

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